Review the Foundation’s Mission and Values, Geographic Focus, Capital Project Restrictions, Charitable Status Requirement and the Program Areas supported in order to determine:

  1. Your organization's eligibility to apply for Foundation support;
  2. The degree to which your project or program aligns with the Foundation Program Areas.


If you determine that your organization is eligible for Foundation support and there is a strong match between your organization’s efforts and the Foundation’s charitable giving interests, you may submit Stage One request. Click the button below to submit your request via our online application system.


STAGE TWO REQUEST (if invited)

If your Stage One request is approved, you will be notified by the Foundation and provided with the link and instructions for preparing a Stage Two request.

Please note that the Foundation generally will not favor proposals seeking funds for annual appeals, debt retirement, endowments, individuals, private or operating foundations, school-related tours, or the production of films, videos or publications. The Foundation does not fund lobbying efforts or efforts to influence elections or legislation.